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KristinsCamera 03-22-2013 02:06 PM

To Manamo: iceland
greetings marc!

many thanks for your thoughtful suggestions. unfortunately, it is difficult to get a depth of field where we were, which was actually above the clouds, and monochromatic as iceland can be in places.

and very fortunately, it was not possible to shoot the actual "gateway to hell," as that would have meant the volcano was erupting ;) and, as to working the photo to let more colors shine through -- there really aren't any colors up there! just the dark brown ground (former lava bits exposed where the warmth of the volcano inside has melted the snow), the snow itself and the clouds.

surreal as it is, iceland can be a tricky place to shoot, which you will see when you get there.

but i love this shot, mainly for the backstory, which i see now really may not convey to others. this is actually the icelandic guy who was driving our bus. growing up, he told us, he climbed this volcano many times with his parents. here he just wanted to sit by himself for a little while and gaze out over his island country laid out all around him. i love seeing how much he loves his country in such as simple way as to just sit quietly and take it all in...


Manamo 03-22-2013 02:39 PM

Alright, well you know better! It's hard to tell because I was not actually there with you:)
I like the photo and the story too! Please post more from Iceland! And take a look at the work by Lonelywolf (, Vincent Bourrut (, Alexandre Leroux (, John Freeman ( and Frederic Lefebvre (
I'm sure you will recognize a couple places in their photos!

Anyway, nice to meet you! I don't come here very often nowadays but it's nice getting feedbacks and actual discussions after a critique! thanks!

have a good one


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