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keribar 03-27-2005 05:34 PM

To sohrab: Hello Sohrab,
You imagine that this is not the only picture I took in this sequence., I have single ones and doubles even triple geisha heads. Usually when taking two people, as a photographer, I ALWAYS take one of the heads sharp and the other unsharp, generally the unsharp being back and smaller. Here the purpose was completely different I wanted the second head in the angle of the neck. Now the first head unsharp and horizontal framing would simply not work here, because too much area would be blurred.

Geishas are difficult to photograph, first because they are are hard to find ( They usually get out at night for meetings )and second they simply refuse with a smile. But in this case, may be it was their duty to walk around a place where so many tourists are found. I am not sure. I was 3 weeks in Japan, and could
take pictures only in two occasions ( two out of 6 geishas.)

Nothing to do with Muslim Women which hide their faces with or without a veil.
Take also care Sohrab.

mdchachi 02-19-2007 08:34 AM

Re: To sohrab: Hello Sohrab,
There are shops near Kiyomizu Temple and elsewhere where normal girls can get dressed up like geisha for the fun of it & for the pictures. So most likely these "geisha" were not the real thing. Nevertheless this girl is quite pretty and this is a nice shot.

keribar 02-19-2007 08:45 AM

Re: To sohrab: Hello Sohrab,
Hello Sohrab,

You may be right of course, there is no way I could know, actually I thought they were sponsored by the Tourism Ministry or something of that sort, with the same purpose, entertaining tourists. and they were probably prepared to be photographed.
I am glad you liked the composition, which at the time became the cover of Atlas Magazine. Many thanks for the
information - Izzet

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