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PaulVDV 11-11-2018 04:33 PM

To holmertz: point of view / canal
Thank you Gert,

The point of view wasn't indeed very high.

Only the last part involved some climbing. But it was already tiring on the lower-lying ground in the forest.
Much depends on your physical condition. I don't have enough exercise during my daily work life and I do feel that on my journeys. On the other hand, I note that there are still more people who don't want to start such a hike and prefer to stay near the lake or a swimming pool even when they've taken a long-distance flight to reach these places.

I do not know how far advanced the plans for the canal are. However, there is opposition from various groups that are concerned about the environment.
There are other (smaller) plans for different kind of projects in the unexplored wooded area in the east of the country which also have a lot of resistance. Various groups want to protect nature and the habitat of minority groups and of different animal species. I've taken pictures of demonstrations in Granada but given the current political climate I don't dare to show them since people can be recognized on it.

Best regards,

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