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pastadog 05-22-2009 02:51 PM

Alternative Sites
Is anyone here also active in Devianart?

and/or in PhotoHolik?

If so, is it possible to have your opinion on those sites?

Isabelle 05-22-2009 09:06 PM

Re: Alternative Sites
I have just checked Photoholic and found Animesh Ray there.
Oh, Daniel, you´ll like it, but I think it´ll also change the way you photograph. or the reasons...

fkostas 05-22-2009 09:08 PM

Re: Alternative Sites
I am going to be checking out Deviantart, because Allison Harvard is there. She's fabulous, more a painter though.

pastadog 05-22-2009 09:35 PM

Re: Alternative Sites
I believe I've found 8-10 TE members that have been also posting in Photoholik, this is why I thought it'd be interesting to know their opinions

Merline 05-23-2009 12:01 AM

Re: Alternative Sites
Hi Daniel,
I am posting on Photoholik, albeit under a different nickname (link on my profile).

I love it. The people there are great, but like for everything, one has to try to find out anyway...In any case, I think it's good to post on a couple of different sites, it widens the horizon, and each site has its positive and less positive sides. I enjoy the diversity.

On Photoholik there is no posting of single shots. You have to work by projects/themes, one of the reasons I post very slowly there, being more of a spontaneous shooter:-).
It was created by former TE members who wanted a different approach, lots of street shooters, but all styles are possible. You have to submit a little portfolio, but that's all explained on the FAQ etc. It's an expanding site, but not that big yet, nothing to do with the huge sites around. Thus critiques and attention are thus more focused...

I have also started using Zenfolio, not for the community life/exchange/comments etc, but rather as a general, sleek looking and easy-to-use display place (diaporama, you can use different styles of presentation etc), very convenient as a reference when people ask me where to find my photographs. There is a fee. Link also on my profile.

I am also getting calls from some people on Flickr, which I hesitate to join, lack of time and it seems so enormous and critiques not very constructive. But I am told that one can join some "groups" of like-minded photographers who take a different approach and have interesting discussions...

And the good news, the situation on the new site here is improving, ! :))).


thea0211 05-23-2009 04:58 AM

Re: Alternative Sites
good question, daniel.
i'm also considering alternatives.
i rather think in 'series' lately but since i can't do (and don't want to do) that much online socializing that would probably mean flickr.
i'd like to keep TE too, even though i'm not very fond of it this very moment.
and anyway there are several creative routes i'd like to pursue and it's not possible here, without consistently breaking the rules.
for the time being am too busy with other stuff so i'll leave decisions for later.
happy thinking ;o)

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